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Here is an overview of the areas in which our solicitors specialise.

Our specialisations

loss of value...Diminution Claims

If your vehicle has been damaged in an accident that was not your fault then you are perfectly entitled to make a claim for the loss in value of your vehicle. Many motorists are blissfully unaware that their vehicle will be worth less following an accident even though the repairs are completed to a satisfactory and competent standard. This only ever become aparent when the vehicle is to be sold and the owner is asked to declare if they have been involved in any accidents.


We can succussfully make a claim for the loss from the insurers of the driver at fault for the accident.


This can apply to any type of vehicle.


We are specialists at recovering the value, for prestidge, commercial, luxury and family vehicles.


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Personal Injury

Our specialist team have years of experience in helping the victims of Personal Injury and managing claims.


We are experienced in the particular needs of our clients, and in providing sensitive advice to the injured.

Additional areas of legal expertise

We can also represent you in the following areas

  •  Consumer Law 
  •  Property Litigation
  •  Residential Property
  •  Intellectual Property
  •  Contract Law
  •  Employment Law
  •  Wills and Probate

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